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Coronavirus Update: Until further notice we won’t be in our offices at the University. You can contact us via email at aclrc@ucalgary.ca

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote respect for civil liberties and human rights in Alberta through research and education to contribute to a more just and inclusive community.

What We Do


Research Centre staff make presentations on a wide range of topics related to human rights and civil liberties.

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The Research Centre undertakes research on contemporary civil liberties and human rights issues that are of concern to Albertans. The projects are diverse - from proposals for reform of human rights legislation, to a report on citizen complaints about police conduct, to a manual for lawyers who represent mentally disabled clients.

Legal Advice vs. Legal Information (Handout)



Human Rights Education Project

The Research Centre's human rights education project provides speakers, materials, in-services, teacher support, and teaching for human rights education at the K to 12 levels.


The Research Centre responds to members of the public who call with questions about civil liberties and human rights.  We receive hundreds of calls every year, and we provide information or refer callers to other resources.

Research and Education - Not Advocacy

The Research Centre does not engage in advocacy - neither in individual cases, nor in the form of political lobbying.

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